Mike Gilbert

I think one of the best values Clear Energy brought to this project was the ability to get outside the box, figure out how we were going to make the… Read more »

Steve Brankle

We had some others look at it before Clear Energy came and nobody had the know-how to do it or they were going to charge too much. Clear Energy jumped… Read more »

Dan Caley

It’s working for us; we’ve been really impressed with Clear Energy. I’d absolutely recommend them to other school districts.

Mike Johnson

We’ve used Clear Energy to pilot and prototype leading-edge technology on a number of occasions over the last seven or eight years. We have a long relationship with them; they’re… Read more »

Frank Coleman

Clear Energy is really, really high on my approval list. They really do become a friend of the district. Anybody who has a project similar to this, I would strongly… Read more »

Andrew Hill

We had consulted with different people and never had been able to find the source of a water leak. Clear Energy identified the problem and it’s saving us about $1,000… Read more »