We partner with clients every day to engineer solutions that go straight to the bottom line.

Consider the clear difference of Clear Energy:

  • Education Experience. We are energy efficiency experts with a verifiable track record of helping schools, universities and colleges greatly reduce their energy consumption.
  • Expertise We've retrofitted and engineered solutions for all aspects of building systems, including HVAC, automated building management systems and lighting.
  • Integrity We are proudly vendor and product neutral with no ties to equipment suppliers. Our only client is you; our only interest is to provide solutions that work, not products to sell.
  • Lighting Know-How Our principals have custom-engineered lighting retrofits for hundreds of millions of square feet. We’ll offer you alternatives by presenting multiple retrofit solutions. If others aren’t offering multiple options, it's because they don't have them.
  • Economically Focused. All of our projects pay for themselves. We take the long view, stressing total operating cost of installed equipment over its life, not just initial capital cost.
  • Turnkey Solutions We’re responsible for all aspects of the project, from design through construction. There’s no question as to who is responsible when we’re on the job.
  • National Reach Demand for our expertise has resulted in projects in more than 15 states from California to New York to Florida.
  • Ongoing Maintenance Long-term, consistent maintenance drives long-term, consistent results. So we work with you, either internally or through outsourcing, to develop the best solution. We can train your staff or put our staff in place to handle your maintenance operation. We also provide ongoing energy education.
  • Capture of Tax Credits and Incentives We understand the different options and opportunities that exist from state and federal incentive programs, so we can help you take full advantage of the available tax credits and energy incentives.
  • Ongoing Verification. Our goal of providing a successful solution is measurable and verifiable. We work with you to identify the scorecard that is most important for your success.

  • Clear Energy is an affiliate member of the National Association of Energy Services Companies. Learn More