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Choices. It's great to have them. But sometimes they can be overwhelming, such as trying to sort through the literally thousands of LED lighting retrofit products. The U.S. Department of Energy recently said that as of June 17, 2016, there are 44,000 products listed in its LED Lighting Facts database with almost 19,000 of those added in the last year.

Clear Energy Solutions can help you source the ideal lighting system that offers the best balance of performance and cost. While others may try to lead you to the one system they sell, we present multiple retrofit solutions. If others aren’t offering multiple options, it's because they don’t have them. We are product neutral and vendor neutral. Our motivation is to find the best solution for your needs.

Planning a lighting retrofit? Here are some considerations:

LED T8 replacement products have recently seen great improvement in both performance and price. They are now much more reliable, making them a great option for most overhead lighting.

It’s important that you seek expert advice as some major U.S. lighting suppliers, citing safety concerns, have declined to manufacture “direct wire” LED T8 replacement products. Unfortunately, these products are currently being widely marketed.

One size does not fit all. For instance, there are three types of LED T8 replacement tubes with significantly different wiring and performance characteristics. The efficacy (amount of light produced per watt of energy consumed) varies widely among the available types and brands of products. We’ll evaluate the LED options that fit your unique needs, efficiency goals and budget while operating in a safe manner and avoiding long-term maintenance issues.

Be wary of firms that are not product neutral in that they are obligated to sell you lighting products they represent, regardless of whether they are the best fit for your needs.

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