Answers to Your Energy-Related Challenges.

Clear Energy’s solutions provide the most efficient, most effective, and most sustainable answers to your energy-related challenges.

Our holistic approach includes the following services:

Identify the problem/opportunity. Our objective and open-minded engineers don't start with pre-conceived ideas. A wrong diagnosis always produces a wrong prescription. We focus on what your business needs to operate efficiently and effectively, including utility rate selection and fuel sources.

Design a customized solution. We provide the engineering and financial expertise to analyze and design customized solutions that deliver positive economic returns. We also focus on behavioral changes, but with the understanding that the best behaviors can't make inefficient equipment perform efficiently.

Remain product neutral. We accomplish our solutions with off-the-shelf components whenever possible, but without regard to who supplies them. We are vendor neutral and encourage competition among the best suppliers of labor and equipment.

Arrange the financing.  We work with you to build the justification for internal capital using your economic hurdle rates, or we identify the right external capital partner to generate positive cash flow from day one.

Handle the implementation.  A great design with poor execution doesn't accomplish much, and no plan executes itself. So we oversee all the moving parts in the implementation, including management of the installation process.

Capture federal or state tax credits or incentives. We understand the different options and opportunities that exist from state and federal incentive programs, so we can help you take full advantage of the available tax credits and energy incentives.

Provide ongoing maintenance. Long-term, consistent maintenance drives long-term, consistent results. So we work with you, either internally or through outsourcing, to develop the best solution. We can train your staff or put our staff in place to handle your maintenance operation. We also provide ongoing energy education.

Measure and verify. Our goal of providing a successful solution is measurable and verifiable. We work with you to identify the scorecard that is most important for your success.

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