Case Studies

Intradeco Apparel, Miami, Florida

Intradeco Apparel is a Miami-based manufacturing business that supplies clothing to major retailers. Clear Energy worked with Intradeco on a range of sustainability initiatives that resulted in 65% less energy consumption and reduction of CO2 by 876 tons.

Intradeco Apparel Case Study, picture of warehouse shelves holding colorful yarnClear Energy provided evaluation, design, and implementation services for the following energy efficiency improvements at Intradeco’s Miami facilities:

Lighting retrofit, including installation of T-8 and T-5 fluorescent systems controlled by occupancy sensors in warehouse areas. The projected reduction in energy used for lighting was in excess of 65 percent, with a simple payback on the investment of 4.2 years.

Installed HVAC controls and plug load management. The simple payback of this investment was 2.7 years.

We also assisted Intradeco with the evaluation of an on-site solar electricity generation project, including accumulation of all capital costs, estimation of savings, and availability of state and federal incentive payments and tax credits to help finance the project.

Intradeco was honored by Walmart as Supplier of the Year for sustainability two years running. This was a great example of how sustainable buildings can be good for business.

For Intradeco, the energy savings changes fit perfectly into the company culture. “We strive to create products and services of the highest quality in an efficient and environmentally responsible manner,” says the company’s vision statement. They work with organic cotton, support farmers and their communities, and value the improvement in their environmental responsibility as a company as much as the savings the changes brought.

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