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It's not sustainable unless it's economically sustainable.

  • The Clear Energy Difference

    Our energy efficiency solutions help clients find better ways to heat and cool, illuminate and insulate warehouses, offices, factories, schools and stores. From retrofits to new construction, we drive down operating costs, revitalize aging buildings and eliminate costly maintenance issues.

  • Wide-Ranging Experience

    We bring decades of expertise in many work environments, from a food bank in New York City to an apparel company in Miami to a food processor in Kansas. Check it out, along with our wide-ranging work with public buildings and colleges.

  • Turnkey Energy Efficiency Services

    We own the project, from idea conception through detail design of energy conservation measures to implementation to construction and commissioning. There’s no question as to who is responsible when we’re on the job.

  • Comprehensive Solutions

    Buildings come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and purposes, so out-of-the-box fixes rarely lead to real energy savings. Our approach at Clear Energy is to look at all facets of a structure’s energy use and then offer you multiple options based on your budget and goals.

    Case Studies

Our bright ideas on lighting retrofits

Our principals have custom-engineered lighting retrofits for hundreds of millions of square feet. These lighting retrofits generate savings that can be used to fund other energy-reducing upgrades, such as HVAC improvements. Recent improvements in LED lighting technology have created even greater opportunities.

We had consulted with different people and never had been able to find the source of a water leak. Clear Energy identified the problem and it’s saving us about $1,000 a month on our water bill. And that wasn’t even part of their original scope of work. I would definitely recommend Clear Energy to other schools. They are so versatile in the things that they do. They really worked with us to make sure we got the best results at the most reasonable price.
Andrew HillBusiness ManagerTexarkana Arkansas School District